27 September 2015

As I’ve just started a new job, I’ve been given a new desktop PC to work on. I thought I’d keep track of what I install on it so that I’ve got a complete list for next time. It’s running some (slightly customised?) flavour of ubuntu which includes quite a lot of stuff by default.

Already installed

  • firefox
  • thunderbird
  • git
  • R
  • latex


  • emacs (not installed by default?!)
  • dropbox
  • julia
  • rstan
  • quicktile (python script giving keyboard shortcuts for tiling - there’s compiz options for this but I can never get them to work)
  • thunderbird extensions
    • exQuilla (to work with exchange server)
    • markdown here (update Jan 2016: I stopped using this as thunderbird now has an insert “Mathematical Formula” option that seems to work with a bigger range of email clients)
    • archive this (keyboard shortcuts for moving messages)
  • firefox extensions
    • adblock plus
    • lastpass

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